Our guest speaker this week was Carmela Gersbeck, from the Bard Lifetime Learning Institute. Carmela gave us an overview of this great community asset. There are currently 347 (can be up to 350) members of the LLI, which is an all volunteer organization – Carmela currently serves on several LLI committees, including the newsletter committee (the newsletter is published on the 7th of every month, here’s the link: https://lli.bard.edu/2022-newsletters/ She gave us a tour of the Bard LLI website & previewed the upcoming Spring ’22 Semester which will be via Zoom on Thursdays and on campus on Fridays. The tuition is $175 annually for 6-7 weeks of classes in the spring and fall and 4 weeks in the summer and 4 weeks in the winter – well worth it! Applications to the Bard LLI are available in June and can be completed on the website – should applications exceed the open seats, there is a lottery system. Carmela also let us know, if there is a skill that you can share, come on down!! Volunteers welcome… https://lli.bard.edu/