Marking the 22nd week of “stay at home” meetings required by the coronavirus outbreak, Jen Van Voorhis opened the “zoom” meeting at 8am. Thirteen Rotarians and three guests from the Red Hook Library – Amy Smith. Dawn Jardine and Maryelise Blundell attended the meeting. Jen Van Voorhis presided, leading off the meeting with the pledge and the Rotary 4-way test.

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Photo screen shot taken by photographer and Rotarian, Fred Cartier. Attendees by row from top left to bottom right are: Bud Weaver, Fred Cartier, Amy Smith (speaker), Tim Lynch, Dawn Jardine (RH Library), Susan Simon, Dave Wright, Carl Dowden, Jen Van Voorhis, Rob Latimer, Maryelisa Blundell (RH Library), Jonah Triebwasser, Rebecca Kent, Chris Chale, and Linda Greenblatt. Susan Ezrati missed the photo, but was there.

Our speaker was Amy Smith who outlined the Library’s effort to create public internet access at the Red Hook Rec Park. In summary, she told us that the Library has negotiated a project to build the hardware and connections for broadband access to the internet at the Rec Park.