February 2018
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What is Rotary? "Service Above Self"

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This weekend on RadioRotary:  Pain Management
Tune in to RadioRotary on Saturday, February 24th at 2:00 p.m. (on WTBQ 93.5 FM and 1110AM or http://www.wtbq.com/) and Sunday, February 25th at 6:30 a.m. (on WBPM 92.9 FM or http:// www.wbpmfm.com/) and 9:30 a.m. (on WGHQ 920AM and 92.5FM, WBNR 1260AM and WLNA 1420 or http://www.realcountryhv.com/) when we talk with Dr. Bobbie Davey about pain management.
The award-winning RadioRotary can be heard on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. on WTBQ 93.5 FM and 1110AM or http://www.wtbq.com/ and on Sundays at 6:30 a.m. on WBPM 92.9 FM or http://www.wbpmfm.com/ and at 9:30 a.m. on WGHQ 920AM and 92.5FM, WBNR 1260AM and WLNA 1420 or http://www.realcountryhv.com/ . Listen to all previous programs at www.radiorotary.org or on your MP3 player via iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/radiorotary/id39731680
Standing, left to right: RadioRotary co-hosts Jonah Triebwasser and Sarah O'Connell. Seated Dr. Bobbie Davey

Rotary Offers College Scholarships

The Red Hook Rotary Club and Red Hook Rotary Foundation will award two scholarships of $1,000 each to students planning to attend an accredited college, university or vocational school.


Each applicant must be a graduating senior and a legal resident of the Red Hook Central School District, Pine Plains School District or Germantown Central School District. It is expected that one scholarship will be awarded to a student attending a four year college and one scholarship may be awarded to a student attending an accredited vocational or community college program.


Application forms may be obtained from the Guidance Office at your high school. Completed applications MUST be mailed to RED HOOK ROTARY CLUB, Post Office Box 88, Red Hook, NY 12571. ATTN: LINDA GREENBLATT, by March 23, 2018.  For more information, please contact Linda Greenblatt at (845) 758-8361 or lindag@hvi.net

Save these dates for future RI Conventions!
June 24 to 27, 2018 - Toronto, Canada

June 1 to 5, 2019 - Hamburg, Germany

June 7 to 10, 2020 - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Honoka & Azita - Hawaiian Teen Queens of the Ukulele
June 13 to 16, 2021 - Taipei, Taiwan
June 13 to 16, 2022 - Houston, Texas


Our guest speaker this week was Laurie Husted of Bard College who filled us in on energy conservation and environmental sustainability
Red Hook Rotary Celebrates 63d Anniversary
Red Hook Rotarians celebrated the 63d anniversary of the founding of their club at a special reception at Cancun's Mexican Restaurant. Guests were our YEX student from Spain, Mercedes, Rosalie Cartier and Jen Van Voorhes.
Red Hook Rotary club's own Rev. Fred Cartier participated in the annual make-up meeting brunch with our former member Burt Fraleigh in Cancun, Mexico.
Our own Rev. Fred Cartier was the speaker this week. He gave an interesting talk about planning for retirement. Not so much from a financial standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint. He said one day you are going to leave your job...what are you going to do the next day?

Fred suggested starting now to think about and plan what you will do when you retire. Making a daily schedule for yourself and then be sure to do at least two things from that schedule. Something that may help you decide what you may want to do in retirement Fred heard at a seminar about retirement. The speaker asked everyone in the audience to write down in one brief sentence “who you are without making reference to your job or your family”.

Fred referenced statistics about how people’s health deteriorates after they retire if they have nothing to do. Many die in a short period of time as well.
So start now thinking about what you will do after you retire. Go to the library and read books; take advantage of education programs that are offered for retirees like those offered at Bard College; expand a hobby; whatever, just make a plan to do something!
Snow cancelation policy - If the Red Hook Schools are closed, our meeting is canceled. If only delayed, then we will meet at 7:30 a.m. as usual. Call (845) 758- 2241 for school closing or delay information.
It was fun, food and fellowship at Red Hook Rotary's holiday party at Cancun's Mexican restaurant!
Our guest speaker was Red Hook Attorney Jason Foscolo, Esq., who spoke with us about food and agricultural law. Shown in the photo are club president Tim Lynch, Mr. Foscolo and speaker host Susan Simon (photo by Jonah Triebwasser).
Our YEX Exchange student, Mercedes from Spain, and her friend Abigail spent the morning at the New York State Museum learning about New York's natural resources and history. They then had lunch and a shopping excursion at the Crossgates Mall. Chaperones were our club secretary, Judge Jonah Triebwasser, and his wife, Ellen.
Our guest speakers this week were Rhinebeck Rotarian Carolyn Burnett and Brian Zeiden who spoke with us about the services offered at the Brookmeade Senior Residences. Shown in the photograph, from left to right are Brian Zeiden, President Tim Lynch, Carolyn Burnett and Speaker host Judge Jonah Triebwasser (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier).
Our club was recognized by the RI Foundation and Rotary District 7210 for our contributions to  the work of the RI Foundation. Bud Weaver and President Tim Lynch attended the Foundation gala and brought home awards for 100% participation in Foundation giving, $100 average donation for every member in honor of the Foundation’s 100th anniversary and a Presidential Citation (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier).
A good time was had by all at our sold out 2017 Citizen of the Year Dinner honoring outstanding community volunteer Brenda Cagle. Photos of this great event can be found at: http://redhookrotaryclub.org/PhotoAlbum
We had two guest speakers at this week’s meeting! From left to right, speaker host David Wright welcomed Lauren Arcomano, Executive Director of the new Red Hook Community Center, while  Career and Life Coach Peter Heyman was welcomed by speaker host Barry Ramage. Looking on is our President Tim Lynch. Ms. Arcomano told us about the many interesting programs offered at the center. Mr. Heyman gave an inspiration talk about achieving our greatest potential. (photo by Jonah Triebwasser)    
Mercedes, our exchange student from Spain, enjoyed her first American Halloween.
Our speaker this week was Robert Shoemaker, CEO of Professional Computer Associates (PCA).  He was accompanied by his firm’s Marketing Director, Theresa Mulkins.  Bob provided us with a crash course in Phishing 101.  In summary, we need to be cautious about all emails because looks can be deceiving.  Bob shared some hints:  1) If the message in the email sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  2) Look at the email address of the sender; if it is not from the business or person supposedly sending you the email do not open. 3) If the email contains a "link" to a webpage, hover your mouse pointer over the link and the actual address will appear, don't click it if it doesn't look correct. 4) If the subject line contains RE: and it is not coming from someone you have been communicating with, don't open the email.  5) Last but not least, when creating passwords make sure they are easy to remember and don't contain any personal information.   For more information on Personal Computer Associates (PCA) visit their website at: https://www.pcasupport.com/
Part of the Rotary youth exchange program is to experience new things, as our student Mercedes from Spain did when she attended her first Bat-Mitzvah where she ran into our club secretary, Judge Jonah Triebwasser, and his wife Ellen. A good time was had by all.
Want to know what the youth exchange program means to participants? Click here to listen to three testimonials about Rotary’s impact on young lives. One features Inés (France to New Paltz 2011-2012), as she describes the importance of her youth exchange experience in District 7210.
Our guest speaker today was LaGrange Sunrise Rotarian Mike Polasek who spoke to us about the district grant that our region is pursuing to combat adolescent drug abuse. Mike is shown in the photo with our club president Tim Lynch. (photo by Jonah Triebwasser)

Our guest speakers today were Red Hook Town and Village Justices the Hon. Jeffrey C. Martin, and our club secretary, the Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, who spoke on the procedures for bringing and trying a small claims case.

Shown from left to right are Judge Triebwasser, Judge Martin and Club President Tim Lynch.

The Red Hook Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at Murray's of Tivoli. Visitors are always welcome.

Red Hook Rotary welcomed Cari Wilkins-Bates of Scenic Hudson to our meeting. Scenic Hudson preserves land and farms and creates parks that connect people with the inspirational power of the Hudson River, while fighting threats to the river and natural resources that are the foundation of the valley's prosperity. To date they have created or enhanced more than 65 parks, preserves and historic sites up and down the Hudson River and conserved nearly 40,000 acres.  Of which Red Hook has benefited with the Poets' Walk - 120 acres; two decades of farmland protection including seven working farms here in Red Hook totaling over 1,000 acres. They are sponsoring the upcoming Farmland Cycling Tour scheduled on September 16 starting at Poets Walk park with routes of 10, 25 and 45 miles that will enable riders to pedal through the beautiful rolling countryside of Dutchess and Columbia counties.  To learn more about Scenic Hudson visit: http://www.scenichudson.org/
A good time was had by all at our annual Baxter's Bash picnic.We welcomed our incoming YEX exchange student Mercedes from Spain.Rob Latimer was inducted as a Paul Harris Fellow by Past District Governor Lou Turpin.Members who were honored for perfect attendance in 2016 - 2017 were (left to right): Hon. Jonah Triebwasser (11 years), Christine Chale, Esq. (5), Susan Simon (6), Tim Lynch, P.E. (3), Bud Weaver (44) and Carl Dowden (30).
The Cartier family enjoys Grandpa Fred's cooking.
Our guest speaker this week was our very own Rob Latimer who recently vacationed with his family in the small village of Hopkins in Belize.  Rob wanted to attend a local Rotary club meeting only to learn they take the Summer off.  He did however make a connection with Wendy Miller a local resident & Real Estate broker who is looking to start a club in Hopkins.  Wendy’s Father was a Rotarian and this is what inspired her to start a local club.
Rob spent a couple of hours sharing with her all the great work Rotary International does as well as the great work our own local rotary chapter performs here in Red Hook.  He learned the village has no potable water, and the local park was a rotary sponsored project with a club from Canada.  We are discussing  ideas on how we might be able to act as a “mentoring” club with the Hopkins club and perhaps even with help with sponsoring an Aquabox (approx. $300.) to provide a water filtration system to the village. To learn more about Rotary International and how we’re an ambassador for Aquabox visit http://www.aquabox.org/
As Rotary is dedicated to permanently ending polio, another unique Rotary connection was made when Rob visited a local market in San Ignacio where he fell in love with a painting. He learned the artist, Oscar Ulin, suffers with polio and can't use his hands so he paints with his mouth. See Oscar’s story at: https://www.facebook.com/LowerDover/videos/1416850208347352/
In photo: Rob Latimer and President Tim Lynch (photo by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Rob further reports: " The park built in Hopkins through a combined effort between the Rotary Club of Dangriga and a club from Canada has fallen into disrepair. Also, without any lighting, parents won't allow kids to play there after sunset.
The newly formed satellite club of Hopkins is going to raise the money needed to repair the park and add lighting, bringing the park up to safety standards and creating a village-center focal point for children to play and socialize.
Artist Oscar Ulin has limited use of his hands due to polio, and paints at the San Ignacio market using his mouth to hold the brush. I will have one of his works back from the framer shortly.

Four generations of Latimers (twelve of us from 71 down to 1 year old) made the trip to Hopkins. Meeting the founders of the newly-forming Hopkins Rotary Club was a highlight of the trip. I look forward to exploring the possibilities for partnering with this new satellite club, as soon as they have their approval from RI."
Congratulations to Red Hook Rotarian and Past-President David Wright, his wife Patty, and the entire Wright family, on the marriage of his daughter Amanda to T.J. Sager on August 11th. Our club secretary, Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, officiated.
Red Hook Rotary sent a contingent of volunteers to the Hudson Valley Ribfest. Shown left to right are Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, David Wright and Bud Weaver.
During his journeys across Alaska and Western Canada, our secretary, Hon. Jonah Triebwasser stopped by Rotary Hall in Calgary's Heritage Park.
Welcome Rotary District 7210 District Governor Jim Damiani
District Governor Jim made his official visit to our club today. He was introduced by Region 3 Assistant Governor Rose Shaffer.
District Governor Jim commented on the beauty of our new meeting location, which is a former church with beautiful stained glass windows. He thanked us for being
Rotarians. Rotary helps the vulnerable, voiceless people of the world.
When DG Jim first joined Rotary we were embarking on a project called Polio Plus. At that time there were 7,000 new cases of polio each week. There have been 35 new cases so far this year or about 1 per week. Bill Gates addressed Rotarians at the recent International Convention in Atlanta, GA. He said about $1.5 billion is needed to complete eradication of polio in the world. He pledged $400 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. DG Jim said that by the end of the convention $1.2 billion had been received in pledges. That leaves $300 million for Rotary to raise. Rotary International President Ian Riseley has asked every Rotary Club to hold a special event to raise money for Polio Plus and to raise
public awareness of Polio.
DG Jim told us that RI President Ian Riseley is very concerned about the environment. He is concerned about climate change around the world. RI President Ian has asked every Rotarian to
plant a tree.
On Tuesday one of our RYLA students and two of our scholarship recipients joined us to talk about their experiences. With us this morning were: Tessa Rothwell, a RYLA attendee and her mother Maggie; Mia Michaelides, scholarship recipient and her mother Marie; and Mari Thompson, scholarship recipient and her mother Karen. Tessa and our other RYLA attendee, Erin Hare are from Red Hook High School as are our scholarship recipients, Mia Michaelides and Meaghan Hardeman. Mari Thompson, our third scholarship recipient, graduated from Stissing Mountain High School in Pine Plains. Pictured above left to right is President Tim Lynch, Mari Thompson, Tessa Rothwell, Mia Michaelides, and Rotarian Linda Greenblatt. Photo by Fred Cartier.
Red Hook Rotary welcomes Tivoli Mayor Joel R. Griffith. The Mayor provided an update on one of Tivoli's biggest decisions...do they manage their water and sewer locally or have the Dutchess County Water & Wastewater Authority manage it for them. 
Mayor Griffith reminded us the Tivoli Community Yard Sale is this weekend and the Tivoli Community Day is scheduled for Aug. 5.
We're now holding our weekly meetings at Murray's in Tivoli. Come join us every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.
The Red Hook Rotary welcomed Dick Wambach as our guest speaker on Tuesday, July 11.  Dick provided an overview of the great work that the Economic Development Committee (EDC) provides to our local communities.  The committee's mission is to support and retain existing businesses, to foster the expansion of commerce and to enhance the community and quality of life.   The committee makes recommendations to our town board supervisor for review/consideration by the town board. 
You can follow the EDC on Facebook at:

Economic Development committee Calendar:

Dick also provided an update on the renovation work that is being done at the Red Hook VFW.  Renovations are planned to be completed by July 21st.  They are asking the community to  "TO PAY IT FORWARD" with your donation to have a top-of-the-line BANQUET HALL suitable for the next several decades as we plan continued participation as a sustainable and viable member of our beautiful Red Hook, Hudson Valley community!  
If you're interested in making a donation please visit the link below.
We had the installation of officers today. District Governor Lou Turpin swore in our officers. Incoming president Tim Lynch presented outgoing president Bud Weaver a set of engraved Rotary coasters to thank him for his year of service. We welcomed guests youth exchange students Momona from Japan, Anna from Italy and Fiona who is going to Denmark and our special guest, Linda Greenblatt's granddaughter Samantha! (photos by Rev. Fred Cartier)
Atlanta RI Convention Report
A grand time was had by our Rotary International Convention contingent of Susan Simon and Jonah Triebwasser in Atlanta, Georgia. The  general and breakout sessions were very inspirational and informative. Susan was on a breakout panel entitled "Welcoming the LGBTQ Community to the family of Rotary." Over 200 Rotarians attended this standing room only presentation.
Meanwhile, the RadioRotary team of Sarah O'Connell, Jonah Triebwasser and Dave and Kathy Kruger was out in force at the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta Georgia. In addition to an exclusive interview with Rotary International President John Germ, we spoke with over 50 Rotarians from all over the world on such diverse topics as: Youth Exchange, blood donations, affordable prosthetic limbs, rescuing chimpanzees and clean water among other topics.
The convention shows will be broadcast throughout the Summer.
The award-winning RadioRotary can be heard on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. on WTBQ 93.5 FM and 1110AM or http://www.wtbq.com/ and on Sundays at 6:30 a.m. on WBPM 92.9 FM or http://www.wbpmfm.com/ and at 9:30 a.m. on WGHQ 920AM and 92.5FM, WBNR 1260AM and WLNA 1420 or http://www.realcountryhv.com/ . Listen to all previous programs at www.radiorotary.org or on your MP3 player via iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/radiorotary/id39731680
Be sure to register for the  2018 Toronto convention. You will have a great time!
Rotarians Explore School and Library Budgets
The Red Hook Rotary Club  welcomed guest speakers Red Hook Central Schools Superintendent Paul Finch and Business manager Bruce Martin, as well as Red Hook Librarian Dawn Jardine and Library Board member Sally Dwyer-McNulty who discussed the upcoming vote of the school and library budgets.
Shown from left to right are: Sally Dwyer-McNulty, Dawn Jardine, Rotary President Bud Weaver, Bruce Martin and Paul Finch. 
The Red Hook Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at the Black Star Social (formerly Bread and Bottle) at the corner of East Market Street and South Broadway. Visitors are welcomed.
(photo by Jonah Triebwasser)
Our guest speaker was Tom Fosler of Barley, Hops and Grapes, Red Hook. Tom spoke about brewing beer and the history of brewing.
Shown in the photo are speaker host Dave Wright, Tom Fosler and President Bud Weaver.
(photo by Jonah Triebwasser)
Our Youth Exchange student, Momona, shared some information about her home in Japan and her experiences here in the United States while she spoke at the 2017 Rotary DIstrict 7210 District Conference at the Mohonk Mountain House.
Red Hook Rotary was recognized by Rotary District 7210 at the recent District Conference for accomplishments in the area of membership growth, foundation support and leadership achievements. President-elect Tim Lynch accepted the awards at the Mohonk Mountain House where the conference was being held.
Tim presented the awards to the club. The membership award was given to Dave Wright (center) for sponsoring our new members this year.
(photos by Jonah Triebwasser)

Our Interact club was recognized at the Rotary District 7210 Annual Conference for being ShelterBox heroes. The high school service group has endowed ShelterBoxes for a number of years.

The ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.

Shown in the photo, from left to right are: Red Hook Rotary Secretary Judge Jonah Triebwasser, Red Hook Rotary President- Elect Tim Lynch, P.E., Interact member and Youth Exchange Student Momona from Japan, District Youth Exchange Committee Inbound Chair Christine Chale, Esq., and Rev. Fred Cartier.

Rotarians Explore Good Health and Fitness

The Red Hook Rotary Club  welcomed guest speaker Abram Kaplan of Yin Fit Studios in the Chocolate Factory in Red Hook to their recent breakfast meeting. Mr. Kaplan spoke about the use of personal trainers for fitness and good health. Shown from left to right are President Bud Weaver, Mr. Kaplan and speaker host Rev. Michael Shafer.


The Red Hook Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at the Black Star Social (formerly Bread and Bottle) at the corner of East Market Street and South Broadway. Visitors are welcomed.

Our secretary Judge Jonah Triebwasser spent the week at Cornell Law School teaching young lawyers about trial advocacy. While there, he attended a meeting of the Ithaca Sunrise Rotary Club. 
In the photograph are Ithaca President Bob Riter and Judge Triebwasser. 
Our guest speakers were Nina Lynch and Anne Brueckner of Rhinebeck @ Home, who spoke to us about the joys of "aging in place," seniors staying in their homes by neighbors helping neighbors. (photo by Rev Fred Cartier)
Red Hook Rotary had a great time on Saturday, April 1, 2017 with the Rotary District's 7210's youth exchange students from Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Brazil and France at "Aladdin" on Broadway in NYC.  Thanks to chaperones Christine Chale and Jonah Triebwasser.
Red Hook Rotary Club Officers & Directors
President Elect
Vice President
Public relations
Immediate Past President
Red Hook Rotary Foundation Officers & Directors
Chairman: Carl Dowden
Vice-Chairman: Tim Lynch, PE
Secretary: Rev. Michael Shafer
Treasurer: Bud Weaver
Directors: Rev. Fred Cartier and Susan Simon